Tomcat: Getting the process ID

If you want to get the process id (PID) of your tomcat you can do something like this:

ps h -C java -o "%p:%a" | grep catalina | cut -d: -f1

If you want to kill this tomcat, because it didn’t shut down properly you can use the following:

kill -9 `ps h -C java -o "%p:%a" | grep catalina | cut -d: -f1`

A better way is to set the environment variable CATALINA_PID. If this variable is set the PID is written in the specified file (here on tomcat startup.

export CATALINA_PID=/opt/tomcat/

Now killing the tomcat is also easier: You can can stop tomcat with -force, which will kill the tomcat process after shutdown (-force only works if CATALINA_PID is set).

export CATALINA_PID=/opt/tomcat/
/opt/tomcat/bin/ -force

(If you set CATALINA_PID in your .bashrc you don’t have to set it before startup/shutdown)

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