Grails: Simple locale/language selector

How you can change locales in Grails is described in the Reference Documentation. Normally you want to do this in form of a language selector. Here’s an example taglib how you can do that:

import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder;

class LocaleTagLib {
	static namespace = 'locale'
	List<Locale> locales = [Locale.GERMAN, Locale.ENGLISH]

	 * Renders a locale selector. 
	 * Adds the class <code>active</code> to the list-element of the current language. 	
	def selector = {
		Locale requestLocale = RequestContextUtils.getLocale(request)
		MarkupBuilder mb = new MarkupBuilder(out)
		mb.ul('id': 'locale-selector') {
			locales.each { Locale locale ->
				li(requestLocale.language == locale.language ? ['class': 'active'] : [:]) {
						link( controller: controllerName, action: actionName, params: params + [lang: locale.language], 
							 { locale.getDisplayLanguage(locale) } ).toString(),

What you probably have to change is the collection of locales. You don’t have to provide messages for the locales, the getDisplayLanguage()-method of Locale provides the translation.


<locale:selector />


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3 Responses to “Grails: Simple locale/language selector”

  1. Sherif Says:

    Very nice tag lib , but how to use it for Arabic language ?

    • Martin Hofmann Says:

      There is no constant for arabic. But you can create the locale:

      List locales = [new Locale(“ar”), Locale.ENGLISH]

  2. stokito Says:

    Here is plugin for this
    I never used it but think it would be good to mention it in your article

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